Goodies From My Trip

All good travellers know that the best part of coming home, is seeing how much extra clothes, books, quirky trinkets and postcards you can fit into your luggage without too much trouble.

Going to Durban as a child meant coming back with a whole lot of extra food and a two litre bottle of seawater (with some sand in it- don't forget the magical seasand); going to Tzaneen still means filling up every free corner with as many mangoes, pawpaws, bananas and peanuts as possible. It's always fun to bring a little piece of the holiday back with you.

A holiday overseas should mean that everyone brings back a lot of heavy, shiny, fancy expensive stuff to boast with- because everything is better on the other side of the big pond, right? But the things I brought back from Paris are actually kind of ordinary.
Well, what I mean is that they are not overly extravagant things: they are things that I have either always wanted, that are not of the cheesy tourist souvenir variety, but still serve the same "as a reminder of where you were" function, or things that I just thought "let me get this, to feel like I did something mundane, but in a Paris way- which is always better".

So here they are. First, the mug and the brooch I got from Disneyland:

It took me almost two hours to pick this mug. There was a cute one that came with its own teaspoon, and another one with a "pixie power" picture on it. I was thinking "do I really need another teaspoon? How will I bundle it up into my suitcase? But I really like this pixie power idea..." My sister was so fed up with me asking her opinion and then saying "Mmmm... Idunno..." by the time I finally settled on this one. I chose it for the cool picture and the pretty, sparkly stone (diamante?) detail.

The brooch in the middle is something  I got because I thought it was only right to buy something that commemorates the 20th anniversary of Disneyland, so that years from now when my memory is going and  I think of my Paris trip, I will still be able to roughly recall the date of one of my life's Great Adventures.

More Disneyland Paris merchandise to peruse over here.

Another one of my proud purchases is this shopper/tote bag. My mission was to come back with a fabulous replacement for my sad, tattered (in a staples-and-knots-holding-it-together type of way) school bag, and when I saw this at the market I was sold:

I think it's made of patent leather, and the inside is this beautiful pink colour. I can reach down in there and lose most of my arm, and it has so many pockets and zips that it is very easy to forget how much stuff you're really carrying around- the mark of a great handbag.

I'm using it sparingly, because I don't want the charm to wear off. Red is also quite a bold colour to wear on a daily basis.

I love this bag- I think it's the incentive I need to start taking "outfit of the day" pictures around campus, like the cool bloggers do.

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