A Week In Paris (Part Three): The Louvre

Friday rolled around, and we took a train to the fancier side of town to go to Hard Rock Café
When we stepped inside, my sister and I agreed that we had finally found the place where all the young, cool people hang out. (The past few days with our parents had had us wishing it was just the two of us on the trip- it would definitely have been less frustrating and embarrassing. Oh, well- you can’t have everything in life, can you?)
We didn’t actually stay- we just had to redeem the tickets included in our Paris Pass- but we did manage to get a few souvenirs on our way back to the train. 
We spent the rest of the day at the famous Musee de Louvre. After years of reading about it in magazines and books, and hearing friends of friends talking about how they had been lucky enough to visit the museum, I was finally inside the building, taking my very own tour.
The Pyramide du Louvre in the centre of the main courtyard of the museum; it is flanked on either side by the adjacent wings of the museum.
I quickly discovered that a trip to the museum takes up much more than just one day. There is far too much to see, and one cannot simply "browse through" the displays of sculptures, statues, paintings and ancient artefacts. 
A trip to the museum is more like a month-long study session, which gives you time to really learn about and appreciate all the artists’ work.
I naively thought that I would be able to navigate my way through the museum without any real help, but as soon as I started using the Nintendo audio guide that is provided to visitors as an extra service, I was glad that I didn’t have to pretend to understand the French plaques that accompany the artworks.

The family finding the right presentation to listen to on the audio guide; the staircase underneath the main entrance pyramid; my sister found a painting that she had to pose by; craning to see La Gioconda (Mona Lisa); walking through the museum, trying to take it all in.
A few times throughout my tour, I remembered the montage in the Olsen twins’ 1999 movie, Passport to Paris, when they visited the Louvre. That time, Hollywood was right about how tiring and overwhelming the museum is. Despite that, I enjoyed the experience. I’ll start planning my month-long  study session as soon as I’m sure I can afford it.
(Anyone out there willing to share the costs of a Contiki Euro trip with me?)

Next: Disneyland and Versaille. :)

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