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How Do I Love Thee, Monthly Glossy? Let Me Count the Ways...

I had a good time collecting foreign editions of popular magazines during That Week In December.

The three at the top- Grazia and the two ELLE magazines- were free at reception. Fashion magazines with full features- not just the brochure or "teaser" types- are free for guests. I found that quite impressive. (Is that just because I get irrationally excited about fashion magazines...? No- don't answer that.)
I have no idea what is going on in those magazines: 5 days was not long enough to master my French grammar and concorde. I do, however, have the use of Google Translate. I tried to "read" one of the editor's letters earlier, and it took me so long. Maybe I'll revisit that when I really have nothing better to do- for now I'll stick to looking at the pictures.

The train stations and airports in France, (and in some other European countries, according to this article), all have branches of RELAY- a newsstand/convenience store that has the most mind-blow…

My Latest YouTube/Blog Obsessions* (Or: "The Internet Stole My Life")

*I'm serious: it's become an issue.
Get comfortable and click "Pause" on all those other videos, people: this is going to be a long post.
Early last week, I saw an update on Twitter about a certain “YouTube sensation” that Seventeen apparently does a feature on in the latest issue. Young Caspar Lee from Knysna is supposedly really, really famous for his YouTube videos. Famous in other countries, that is. It seems the users of the ever-popular video-sharing network who have been responsible for Caspar's "internet fame" mostly reside in the UK.
People (mostly adolescent girls, according to this article) are completely devoted to Caspar’s channel on YouTube for a number of reasons, chief among them his videos about One Direction, the irreverent tone with which he delivers his anecdotes, and his "Bieberesque" looks. I was mainly interested in the idea that he was getting so much more recognition for what he was doing, even collaborating on videos with …

Goodies From My Trip

All good travellers know that the best part of coming home, is seeing how much extra clothes, books, quirky trinkets and postcards you can fit into your luggage without too much trouble.

Going to Durban as a child meant coming back with a whole lot of extra food and a two litre bottle of seawater (with some sand in it- don't forget the magical seasand); going to Tzaneen still means filling up every free corner with as many mangoes, pawpaws, bananas and peanuts as possible. It's always fun to bring a little piece of the holiday back with you.

A holiday overseas should mean that everyone brings back a lot of heavy, shiny, fancy expensive stuff to boast with- because everything is better on the other side of the big pond, right? But the things I brought back from Paris are actually kind of ordinary.
Well, what I mean is that they are not overly extravagant things: they are things that I have either always wanted, that are not of the cheesy tourist souvenir variety, but still serv…

Music Monday: Laura Mvula

I have been hearing this amazing, Imogen Heap-like song on the radio for quite a while now, and this morning I finally decided to do a Google search on the lyrics.

It turns out the beautiful music is the work of one Laura Mvula, and the song is called Green Garden:

This performance is a very well-executed live version of the official video.

Laura Mvula is an English singer-songwriter who has been quietly working her way to prominence in the industry, and was named as "One to Watch" by the Guardian last year.

Her sound is heavily orchestral, and the jazzy elements in her music can be attributed to her admiration of the work of Jill Scott and Erykah Badu. There is also a kind of "electronic"/psychedelic vibe, especially in the song above, which is what immediately reminded me of the work of Imogen Heap on Hide and Seek.
If this song is anything to go by, the album which will be released in March of this year has a lot of exciting, fresh-sounding music on it- music wi…

The Last Time I Saw Paris (Or: "Part Five")

*For the past few weeks, I've been posting sporadically about my trip to Paris last December. Here is the final installment, and I am seriously considering a donations button to my homepage, so that the loyal readers out there who like me, care about my well-being, and would like nothing more than to see me become the proud owner of an authentic Louis Vuitton Paris bag, can give towards a plane ticket and accommodation...

On our last morning in Paris, I wished so hard that I could just stay. After seeing that there is an entirely different way of life that I could be adapting to- a new culture, and new possibilities for life- I couldn’t really get myself to leave it behind.
We went to the markets in the streets around the Eiffel Tower, where I finally got a new bag, and my dad snapped this picture of me while I wasn’t looking:

I hate that he’s always stalking us with the camera, but I actually really like this picture. I feel like it captured some type of moment or memory that I woul…

Song Of the Day

Brandon Hines - Steady.
You all already know how I feel about this man. If anyone from my Alternate Universe life wants to arrange for me to be serenaded, this should be the first person on your list of artists to call. I will be your friend forever.

Okay, enough fangirl-ing. Just listen, and enjoy.

Matters Of the Heart: What Is True, and What Goes Unsaid?

Last week, as part of their special O-Week programme, the Wits Downstairs Theatre hosted a performance of Chapter Untitled: Your Love Is My Fantasy.

I had been looking forward to seeing it ever since I got the invitation, and saw that an old schoolmate of mine, Merriam Leeuw, had written and directed it.

I had seen her acting before in Relativity: Township Stories, and I was impressed, so I knew that her first very own play would definitely be worth watching.

The play tells the story of Amaya, a driven young woman who is in the process of writing a very important book. She lives with her friend Bongeka, who is always trying to get Amaya to admit to her feelings for Chulu, and to take a step towards making their relationship happen. Bongeka wants Amaya to step out of her mind- her fantasies about love and how it should be- and live in the real world.

The dialogue is heavily influenced by the music in the play. As audiences step into the theatre, Louie Vega and Josh Milan's Your Bod…

A Different Kind of Age-Old Question

I cast my mind back to primary school days when I think of the first time someone asked me "why do you act white?" or "what is with the accent?", or any number of variations on the accusation.

Over the years, I learned not to take people who choose to harp on about the way I enunciate or the expressions I use to make myself clear very seriously- they are not the people I'm talking to. Still, it was annoying.
Even through high school, and at varsity, I still had to answer the same question, or find myself stumbling around in the debate of "what is white, and what is black?", for fear of picking the "wrong" side, or teetering off the edge of my doubt.

Unfortunately, other people's opinions will always be a part of how we negotiate, form and re-create our identities. It's up to us to decide where "they" stops, and "I" begins.

I found this video on Miss Milli World, and I love it.

" expression was the bastar…

When Fashion Meets Comedy: Bon Qui Qui for Alexander Wang

To promote his Spring 2013 collection, Alexander Wang teamed up with Anjelah Johnson, Simon Doonan, and A$AP Rocky (amongst others) to create this video:

The notoriously hilarious Bon Qui Qui is now working at a T by Alexander Wang store, and this ad definitely proves that there is no getting the ghetto out of the girl, no matter what new fancy address you give her.

Bon Qui Qui and her acrylic talons, multi-coloured hair and sharp tongue create a different atmosphere in the upmarket boutique. Whether this campaign has made luxury items more desirable or accessible to the masses remains to be seen, but I am just so impressed by the fact that they got A$AP Rocky to play along with this!

I should go out and get a copy of "I'm A Cut You"- maybe even set it as my ringtone...

A Week In Paris: Part Four (Disneyland and Versailles)