I've seen these transparent accessories popping up on street style blogs lately:

For Fashion Freaks

It's not the newest trend, but then we know that in fashion what goes around comes back around- with a different name, a new colour, and a more impressive marketing pitch.

This transparent accessory trend (which extends to shoes, jewellery, and even nails) is something I can see myself buying into.

The first thought that might come to mind is "but then everyone will see whats's in my bag!" I'll admit it's a little intimidating: we don't all have iPhones and YSL lipsticks in our bags. The average woman is probably toting around more bubblegum wrappers, till slips, and tissues in her bag than designer luxury items and expensive vices. 

The point of this trend, as far as I can see, is the "let's see what you've got" challenge: of a clear bag is meant to make you step up. Not necessarily step out to splurge so you can show off, but become more aware of what you're putting out there into the world. 
Fashion, after all, is about showing people what you're feeling, thinking, supporting and standing for at a given moment in time. 

A woman's handbag and its contents are absolutely sacred- that's a known fact. So sharing what's inside your bag is a bold statement: "this is what I'm working with".

The bag I would personally like to work with is this Furla Candy transparent bag:

Head to Toe Fashion
It reminds me of a packet of jelly babies- it's so cute, and I feel like I have to have it in all the colours, and it makes me happy. (Yes, that is the thought process behind buying a bag. I get sentimental, okay? Deal with it.)

In reality, I don't have this type of impulse buy money. So I'll just buy an actual packet of jelly babies, and put this picture up on my inspiration board...


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