#PUMASocialJozi (Were You There?)

"Braam at midnight sounds like a playground at midday"

And on that playground, things like this happen:

"Vampire 9000" sounds like the name of a really dangerous band, right? But it's really just one guy, who sings with a strange pain in his voice while he clutches his guitar to his chest... Brilliant.
The Tidal Waves are a really cool reggae-with-a-hint-of-hard-rock band that I wouldn't mind seeing again, and then of course, Desmond and the Mother-Flippin' Tutus!

They were amazing. All five of them. I can't even do that weird thing girls do when rock bands are around and pick a band member to be a groupie for- they're all equally awesome.
Come back to Braam soon, guys!


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