"I's a Party On your Face, and I'm 'bout to Dance On It"

"Beatdown" is my song of the month- well, one of them anyway- if for no other reason than the fact that it makes me want to dance. Steve Aoki and Iggy Azalea bring out the "party rocker" in me. But then, we already know how I feel about Iggy.

Listen for yourself:

I'm not sure how much of the video makes sense (do any of them make sense these days?), but I just love the lyrics:

What you looking at, do I got something in my eye?
Do I got ish up on my face, or did my hair catch on fire?
'cause you really really staring, am I something that you like?
Geez, ask for my number or you can fly kites.

It's like the perfect description of how I would behave if someone at a party or in a club was giving off irritating vibes. Except she goes on to say that she's going to beat the person who's giving her Crazy Eyes, and I'm not quite that aggressive.

In the end, it's just about Iggy not wanting to be bothered by a girl who can't fend for herself- a girl who "came with a man, then [took] all his money". Iggy is saying 'don't get in my business, because I will call you out'- this here is the "year of the woman".

It sounds a lot like a scene from one of these "reality shows" that keep popping up all over the place: the ones where the (rich, spoilt, and generally annoying) girls are always out at clubs starting fights with girls they "don't like" or girls who are "coming onto their men". To be young, reckless and ill-tempered sounds so appealing when put to some music by Steve Aoki and Angger Dimas.

Nonetheless, this is a good party song. I expect I'll be hearing it all the way up to the official start of the festive season, and maybe even until the end of the year- depending on which radio station or TV channel I tune into.

*lyrics found on RapGenius.