Words Paint A Picture... Of Brandon Hines

Movie soundtracks are my thing. I've mentioned before (more than once) that I'm the girl who goes out and finds out what song was playing in That Crucial Scene, so I can add it to my playlist.
Acting, singing, writing- it's all storytelling, and storytelling is part of what I'm about.

A few months back, I watched Think Like A Man. John Legend, Marcus Canty, and even Earth, Wind and Fire were on the soundtrack for that one, but the one who's music has stayed with me (as much as I love 'Tonight (Best You Ever Had)) is Brandon Hines.

His song 'Fire' was a reminder of how smooth RnB can really be. The sound is mellow and sensual, and Brandon assures us that he's "got that high grade, top shelf kind of love". I was sold.

In Search Of is his free-to-download album, and its 8 songs are a mix of uptempo beats, smart lyrics (a throwback to the days when men used to put a little effort into convincing a woman to give in to their advances), and a good voice.

I really like the samba  influences on 'Bye Bye Bye'- it reminds me a little of Justin Timberlake's Nothin' Else.
'Bad Girl' and 'Find You' are songs about the lengths he is prepared to go to get a girl's attention- and keep it.
'Long Way Home' is the classic "let me back into your heart, I know I was wrong" tune that every popular RnB artist has written and performed over and over again. This also makes it sound like at the end of the 4 minutes everything will be just fine. Persuasive words and the right tone of voice seem to hide (and forgive) a multitude of sins in the music world.

I think my favourite song on In Search Of is 'Steady'. It's something along the lines of Miguel's 'Adorn' (more accurately, 'Vixen'), or for a more dance-ready version, Usher's 'OMG'.
In the song, Brandon is so sure that the plans he has are exactly what the woman he wrote it for had in mind.

For a cynic, ('romance', 'charm', 'seduction', and other associated words are not really part of my vocabulary), I am quite impressed with Brandon Hines's "this is how much I can love you" songs. Download the album, and see for yourself if he is part of the revival that RnB has- in my opinion- been in need of for some time.

Look out for his latest single, 'Yes You Are'.


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