Aguilera Is Back!

I've been seeing some of the hype around Christina Aguilera and her new song, "Your Body". Usually, the song is mentioned after people have their say on her "weight gain".

Christina hears the comments from critics, and has told that she is comfortable with her body- any style risks she takes are ones which show that she is always true to herself.
Thank goodness Christina stopped pandering to the record label executives who sought to change her, because she is looking spectacular in the video for the first single off of her upcoming fifth studio album, Lotus.

My favourite look is the "trailer park pin-up" from the first few scenes. It looks like a lot of fun to try out. I mean, I would totally wear animal print leggings, ridiculous amounts of costume jewellery, and really high heels- even if it's just for a quick trip to the grocery shop! (No. Not really. My life isn't Jerseylicious- but you know what I mean, right?)

The song is apparently about how Christina is not scared to take what she wants when she sees what she likes. It's about being empowered, and embracing your sexuality. In other words, not your mother's new ringtone.

Christina is just at the beginning of her thirties- it's been a long time since the Mickey Mouse Club, Genie In A Bottle, and even Stripped- and she seems to be going through some sort of "period of rediscovery". Artists do this every now and then to garner publicity for their mediocre efforts at staying "relevant", but after reading the statement Christina made to, I really hope Lotus will be successful:

"This album represents a celebration of the new me, and to me the lotus has always represented this unbreakable flower that withstands any harsh weather conditions in its surroundings, that withstands time and remains beautiful and strong throughout the years,"

If people are not moved by her powerful voice (she still sounds as amazing now as she did on "Fighter", which is still one of my favourites from her), her confidence in her image, her humanitarian efforts, or even her  work on X-Factor, they might be moved by the album art:

Buzzworthy via @TheRealXtina

The picture definitely backs up the statement she made, and shows that she is coming back to give fans everything she's got (literally).
If the picture itself makes such a bold statement, I can't wait to hear what the rest of the album (due for release on the 13th of November this year) will sound like. 


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