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I've seen these transparent accessories popping up on street style blogs lately:

It's not the newest trend, but then we know that in fashion what goes around comes back around- with a different name, a new colour, and a more impressive marketing pitch. Anyway.
This transparent accessory trend (which extends to shoes, jewellery, and even nails) is something I can see myself buying into.
The first thought that might come to mind is "but then everyone will see whats's in my bag!" I'll admit it's a little intimidating: we don't all have iPhones and YSL lipsticks in our bags. The average woman is probably toting around more bubblegum wrappers, till slips, and tissues in her bag than designer luxury items and expensive vices. 
The point of this trend, as far as I can see, is the "let's see what you've got" challenge: of a clear bag is meant to make you step up. Not necessarily step out to splurge so you can show off, but become more aware …

"I's a Party On your Face, and I'm 'bout to Dance On It"

"Beatdown" is my song of the month- well, one of them anyway- if for no other reason than the fact that it makes me want to dance. Steve Aoki and Iggy Azalea bring out the "party rocker" in me. But then, we already know how I feel about Iggy.

Listen for yourself:

I'm not sure how much of the video makes sense (do any of them make sense these days?), but I just love the lyrics:

What you looking at, do I got something in my eye?
Do I got ish up on my face, or did my hair catch on fire?
'cause you really really staring, am I something that you like?
Geez, ask for my number or you can fly kites.

It's like the perfect description of how I would behave if someone at a party or in a club was giving off irritating vibes. Except she goes on to say that she's going to beat the person who's giving her Crazy Eyes, and I'm not quite that aggressive.

In the end, it's just about Iggy not wanting to be bothered by a girl who can't fend for herself- …

Words Paint A Picture... Of Brandon Hines

Movie soundtracks are my thing. I've mentioned before (more than once) that I'm the girl who goes out and finds out what song was playing in That Crucial Scene, so I can add it to my playlist.
Acting, singing, writing- it's all storytelling, and storytelling is part of what I'm about.

A few months back, I watched Think Like A Man. John Legend, Marcus Canty, and even Earth, Wind and Fire were on the soundtrack for that one, but the one who's music has stayed with me (as much as I love 'Tonight (Best You Ever Had)) is Brandon Hines.

His song 'Fire' was a reminder of how smooth RnB can really be. The sound is mellow and sensual, and Brandon assures us that he's "got that high grade, top shelf kind of love". I was sold.

In Search Of is his free-to-download album, and its 8 songs are a mix of uptempo beats, smart lyrics (a throwback to the days when men used to put a little effort into convincing a woman to give in to their advances), and a goo…

This Is How the Literary Crowd Throws A Party

The Cool Web
Children are dumb to say how hot the day is,  How hot the scent is of the summer rose,  How dreadful the black wastes of evening sky,  How dreadful the tall soldiers drumming by.
But we have speech ,to chill the angry day,  And speech, to dull the rose's cruel scent. We spell away the overhanging night,  We spell away the soldiers and the fright.
There's a cool web of language winds us in,  Retreat from too much joy or too much fear: We grow sea-green at last and coldly die In brininess and volubility.
But if we let our tongues lose self-possession, Throwing off language and it's watery clasp Before our death, instead of when death comes, Facing the wide glare of the children's day,  Facing the rose, the dark sky and the drums, We shall go mad and die that way.
Robert Graves
This is the poem which began the speech by Eloise Wessels, CEO at the NB Group of publishers, at the Sanlam Prize for Youth Literature awards.
The poem is about instilling in children a respect and appreci…

#PUMASocialJozi (Were You There?)

"Braam at midnight sounds like a playground at midday"
And on that playground, things like this happen:
"Vampire 9000" sounds like the name of a really dangerous band, right? But it's really just one guy, who sings with a strange pain in his voice while he clutches his guitar to his chest... Brilliant. The Tidal Waves are a really cool reggae-with-a-hint-of-hard-rock band that I wouldn't mind seeing again, and then of course, Desmond and the Mother-Flippin' Tutus!
They were amazing. All five of them. I can't even do that weird thing girls do when rock bands are around and pick a band member to be a groupie for- they're all equally awesome. Come back to Braam soon, guys!

Aguilera Is Back!

I've been seeing some of the hype around Christina Aguilera and her new song, "Your Body". Usually, the song is mentioned after people have their say on her "weight gain".

Christina hears the comments from critics, and has told that she is comfortable with her body- any style risks she takes are ones which show that she is always true to herself.
Thank goodness Christina stopped pandering to the record label executives who sought to change her, because she is looking spectacular in the video for the first single off of her upcoming fifth studio album, Lotus.

My favourite look is the "trailer park pin-up" from the first few scenes. It looks like a lot of fun to try out. I mean, I would totally wear animal print leggings, ridiculous amounts of costume jewellery, and really high heels- even if it's just for a quick trip to the grocery shop! (No. Not really. My life isn't Jerseylicious- but you know what I mean, right?)

The s…

Words. Read, Write, Return to Dignity.

I was reminded the other day about how much I used to love reading:

The friend who wrote that had me remembering how I always promised myself the same thing.
Well, yesterday I went out and tried my luck at the library again, and this is what I found:

Finally, I have my hands on Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's bestseller. I'm enjoying it so far, and I want to take it in for all it's worth. The movie adaptation, set for release sometime in 2013, stars Chiwetel Ejiofor, Genevieve Nnaji and Thandie Newton. I'm trying to block all the movie spoilers out of my mind so that they don't affect the way I see the story, but I will share this one photo from the set:
I would love to get back to my "one-book-one-week" self. Reading really is one of the things I used to enjoy most- escaping into the lives of characters authors created to tell fantastic stories was my solace.
These days, we have Twitter and Facebook, where people abuse the written word and spread their ignora…

Cleo Droomer for Mr Price

Cleo Droomer is the Cape Town-based designer who heads up Cleo Droomer Creations. He is also winner of the 2010 ELLE New Talent Design Award.
The range he went on to design for Mr Price after his win looked a little like this:

The soft colours and flowy silhouettes had these clothes flying off the shelves. It was also a sign that Cleo Droomer was ahead of the game: the return to femininity and the prominence of pastel colours has been the call of the day with designers for most of this past year.

This time, Cleo Droomer is teaming up with Mr Price for a Project: Limited Edition collection that will cater for women as well as men.

I absolutely have to get my hands on this peplum print dress:

There is also this coral dress:

Add a cropped jacket, a clutch, some chunky bangles and some heels, and this goes from day to night without a problem.

For the guys,  Droomer designed some streetwear which- along with the rest of the collection- was inspired by "youth culture, bright colours an…