Pop. Because Everyone Needs a Little Sugar 'n' Sunshine

Every few months, the pop world reshuffles its playlists, deletes some songs, and adds some new artists.
That is what is expected of "bubblegum music"- once all the songs have been played to death and the chewy sweet sounds no longer have any flavour, it's time for something new.

Usually, pop artists are young girls (and boys) who have okay voices, can carry a note, and are able to pull off whatever wild "look" the stylists want for video shoots. 
Music lovers who care always hope that the new "hot thing" will last a little longer than that month's bottle of lotion. 
I think Jimmy Nevis might be the answer to the question "are you going to stay?"

Recently signed  to Rude World Records, this 20-year-old Capetonian first got my attention when I heard "Elephant Shoes":

I got a distinct Jason Mraz vibe from this cute, quirky song. Apparently, if you mouth the words "I love you (too)", it looks like you're saying "elephant shoes". It's always good to have a gimmick to sell your song!

His current single, "Heartboxing", has more of the same sincerity and charm. Jimmy Nevis has a really good voice, and if he keeps on churning out the singles this way, and backs it up with some amazing live shows and press appearances, he'll find a place on our playlists and in the annoying songs-on-a-loop in our heads for a while to come.

To prove there's not much auto-tuning and over-producing, here's a live performance of his (he plays piano, too!):

He can stay.

From the UK, we have X-Factor 2010 finalist, Cher Lloyd.
Her song "With Ur Love" is about the feeling you get when you realise that someone you never thought you'd be into has actually got quite a hold on you. Mike Posner features on the 2011 single, and it is pretty damn catchy:

There are a lot of points of interest here: her hair, her makeup, the wardrobe- and those tattoos. It looks like she's very clear about keeping the edgy personality and sass that won Cheryl Cole over at the first audition.

Cher makes music which is upbeat, fun, infectious and, well, young. The next song from the now 19-year-old singer is "Want U Back". I first heard the acoustic version, and I really liked it:

The videos (there is both a UK and a US version of the song) are exactly what you would expect for a pop song: bright and busy, with lots of pretty young extras and so many outfit changes that it's no wonder all teenagers want to do is shop for cool new "celebrity looks". It's all in the name of a good time, I guess. Besides, we all know that people in show business are in the business of selling dreams and bling.

Cher is trying to make a name for herself in the US, and if her outspoken individualism, coupled with true songwriting talent and the "intangible quality that draws people in, as well as the rare ability to straddle the ever-shifting line between commercial and credible" don't work in her favour, I don't know what will.

See more on Cher, her plans for the debut album, and other news on her site.


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