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New Release: I Don't Care

"I Don't Care" is the latest single from the charming and talented Elle Varner. The video was released earlier this week, and it definitely cements her status as an RnB sensation:

The parallel storylines show the way two couples' love has to endure prejudice and ignorance. Parents don't understand, and society judges, but Elle wants us to not place so much importance on that.

The Popcrush review of the video went on to make mention of the way Elle shows fans her more sensual side. It works: her music is about relating experiences, and having listeners go on a journey with her. It's music that speaks to everyday situations.

I enjoyed the video: just like with Refill and Only Wanna Give It To You, the execution of the idea behind the song is impeccable, and even those who would rather look at the clothes (her wardrobe people do the work of superheros) or other shiny things in the background will not be disappointed.

Perfectly Imperfect is going to go far- I hope Soundproof Room is the next single. It's cheeky, in all the right ways.