Mona Phansi! (Jealous Down)

About a month ago, AKA released a new single called "Jealousy".
Days before it was even first played on radio, he and his team had people hyped up on Twitter and had fans going crazy waiting to hear it. I'm sure on that day, people who never listen to the radio left their couches and headed straight for the nearest "wylens" (wireless radio).

It is an insanely catchy, incredibly produced song about Mr Forbes's success over the past 2 years or so.
AKA does what rappers do best- brag- but in a way that shuts up all the naysayers and makes the fans proud at the same time. He's not looking to fight with anyone about whether or not he deserves his success, he's merely stating that he's worked hard, and now he's enjoying the rewards.
People who have a problem with that just need to calm down.

For the past few days, the team has again been getting people excited about some new work- this time the video for Jealousy.
After posting behind the scenes pictures and sending out words of appreciation to everyone involved, it was finally revealed. One problem: I don't have MTVBase.

So last night I was scrolling down my timeline and getting more and more sour at the retweets gushing about the amazing cameos and general high entertainment and quality factors of the video. Then this morning I remembered YouTube. (Thank you to the person who came up with this brilliant idea- without it my life would surely be a lot bleaker)

There is a lot of the typical hip-hop video stuff in here: fast cars, crowds of hype-girls/boys, wads of cash, and women of questionable morals with pretty faces. It's magnificent.
It's everything the song promises: bold, arrogant, infectious- and the number of cameo appearances in this thing is just outright obnoxious!

Celebrities making an appearance include DJ Cleo, Da L.E.S, Khuli Chana, Bonang Matheba, and even Benni McCarthy. I think it's safe to say that everybody is behind AKA on this one.

I could tell he had a fun time making this video- the "stank face" and the attitude that goes with that while he's rapping say it all.
And he won't stop now, that's for sure.

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