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Here are a few pictures of outfits I would love to own one day When I'm Big.

Nicole Warne from Gary Pepper Vintage has a style which incorporates preppy and chic. I love the circle skirt feel in the first outfit, and the bags and court shoes are absolute winners for me.

Black Fashion by Javii is a street style Tumblr blog that describes itself as "a collection of images for people of colo[u]r to showcase their fantastic, irreverent, classic and bold fashion ├ęclat". 
There are also features on black designers, and beauty tips for all women of colour.

Other blogs that make me say "I wish I could buy my clothes off of tumblr" are SithaKent and AllThatHaberDash.
Check out these South African gems next time you need a virtual wardrobe overhaul.

Pop. Because Everyone Needs a Little Sugar 'n' Sunshine

Every few months, the pop world reshuffles its playlists, deletes some songs, and adds some new artists. That is what is expected of "bubblegum music"- once all the songs have been played to death and the chewy sweet sounds no longer have any flavour, it's time for something new.
Usually, pop artists are young girls (and boys) who have okay voices, can carry a note, and are able to pull off whatever wild "look" the stylists want for video shoots.  Music lovers who care always hope that the new "hot thing" will last a little longer than that month's bottle of lotion.  I think Jimmy Nevis might be the answer to the question "are you going to stay?"
Recently signed  to Rude World Records, this 20-year-old Capetonian first got my attention when I heard "Elephant Shoes":

I got a distinct Jason Mraz vibe from this cute, quirky song. Apparently, if you mouth the words "I love you (too)", it looks like you're saying "…

Kate Spade

It's Fashion Week season, and while I may not be as clued up about the designers, the front row guests and the after parties as I could be, I do follow some bloggers who do.

I came across this picture of a clutch designed to look like an old-school transistor radio in one of the fashion week reviews:

I love this bag because it's a quirky, modern homage to what was once every music-lover's most prized possession. (No shade on MP3s players and podcasts)
The clutch is a statement all on it's own, but it also fits well with any one of the pieces from this label's Spring/Summer 2013 collection.

On the Kate Spade website, the New York lifestyle brand (which has recently added jewellery, shoes, eyewear and house/home essentials to its product line since its inception in 1993) assures customers:

"we’ve never lost sight of who we are: our spirited approach, commitment to curiosity and passion for sharing our colo[u]rful world still shapes all that is Kate Spade New York…

New Release: I Don't Care

"I Don't Care" is the latest single from the charming and talented Elle Varner. The video was released earlier this week, and it definitely cements her status as an RnB sensation:

The parallel storylines show the way two couples' love has to endure prejudice and ignorance. Parents don't understand, and society judges, but Elle wants us to not place so much importance on that.

The Popcrush review of the video went on to make mention of the way Elle shows fans her more sensual side. It works: her music is about relating experiences, and having listeners go on a journey with her. It's music that speaks to everyday situations.

I enjoyed the video: just like with Refill and Only Wanna Give It To You, the execution of the idea behind the song is impeccable, and even those who would rather look at the clothes (her wardrobe people do the work of superheros) or other shiny things in the background will not be disappointed.

Perfectly Imperfect is going to go far- I hop…

Mona Phansi! (Jealous Down)

About a month ago, AKA released a new single called "Jealousy".
Days before it was even first played on radio, he and his team had people hyped up on Twitter and had fans going crazy waiting to hear it. I'm sure on that day, people who never listen to the radio left their couches and headed straight for the nearest "wylens" (wireless radio).

It is an insanely catchy, incredibly produced song about Mr Forbes's success over the past 2 years or so.
AKA does what rappers do best- brag- but in a way that shuts up all the naysayers and makes the fans proud at the same time. He's not looking to fight with anyone about whether or not he deserves his success, he's merely stating that he's worked hard, and now he's enjoying the rewards.
People who have a problem with that just need to calm down.

For the past few days, the team has again been getting people excited about some new work- this time the video for Jealousy.
After posting behind the scenes p…

Dirty Bass

Once in a while I hear a song that makes me want to go straight to a club and dance like my reputation doesn't matter.
That's what the girls in this Far East Movement video are doing, and the small voice of the Party Girl in me is saying "this is your jam..."

Of course, that voice is quickly shut out. Especially since I know I am definitely not the type of girl who goes out in public in a bikini top and an obnoxious gold chain, and little else. NO. But, I mean, it's fun to watch sometimes.
After all, what's a hip-hop video without outrageous displays of debaucherous lifestyles...?

Oh My Dayum, I'm Singing about My Lunch!

This guy's burger was so good, he had to sing about it:

Apparently, this video was edited using Songify, which is an android application that turns speech into music.

It has already spawned quite a few covers, and it really did lift my spirits a little. I could watch it over and over again (and so could a lot of other YouTube users, who even went as far as making an hour long version of this!)

This is how good food should make you feel. I fully support the Oh My Dayum movement!

Desmond and The Tutus

"Formed December 2005, Desmond & The Tutus plays an 
infectiously awesome blend of Rock 'n Roll, Indie, Kwela,Pop 
and Genius. You will have fun or else you will die. Not 
because we're going to get all offended and poke your eyes 
out with sharp sticks or anything but rather because you'll be 
trampled to a bleeding pulp by all the happy dancers 
jumping around like little crazies" (quoted from their MySpace page)

A while back, the song Kiss You On The Cheek was on high rotation on radio, and Tattoo is also a really cool song. At the moment, I'm obsessed with Zim Zala Bim, the song which comes off the album that these crazy fools actually made an informercial for (warning: Dobson gets really irritated with the rats and starts using some... colourful language):

The video is a sort of audiovisual version of those dubious (and most times downright hilarious) pamphlets that people give out at just about every street corner in Johannesburg.  You know the ones: they&#…

National Book Week

I never know that one of these "national weeks" is coming up, unless I read about it on a blog or hear about it on radio. I mean, when was the last time anyone you know consulted an actual (paper) calendar about anything?
Besides, these types of days only appear on some obscure government website, so very few people know about them anyway.

The point is, the Department of Arts and Culture has declared the 3rd to the 8th of September this year is National Book Week:

South Africa commemorates National Book Week every first week of September, it is an initiative of the South African Book Development Council (SABDC) in collaboration with the Department of Arts and Culture.
The commemoration coincides with International Literacy Day on 8 September. The main purpose is to encourage reading to the general public, increase awareness of the importance of reading for the development of the nation and to promote publishing industry skills for the benefit of South African and African autho…