The Soundtrack to A Coming of Age

Some songs from the 21st birthday celebration I attended last night.

Cameo - Candy. Sampled by Mariah Carey on "Lover Boy".

I always hear old songs, and think "I know a different version...". I guess all 80s and 90s hits have been sampled by some or other next generation hip-hop/Rnb/pop artist who wanted to make some money off of people's nostalgia for the "good ol' days". There's no shame in that. Everyone has the right to good music.

Mtume - Juicy Fruit. I recognised this song, but again, not because I knew the original. I recognised the music from Keyshia Cole's song, "Let It Go":

This is starting to read a lot like a post on Who Sampled, but I can't help it. When I hear a song that I am sure has sampled a previous hit, I have to find out. Like with the Drake song. It's similar to what happens when people can't remember the word or name that was "on the tip of the tongue".

Moving on to MC Lyte:

I was 6 years old when this was released (1997), but I think it was on high rotation on good music stations well into the early 2000s. Missy Elliot's hairstyle. Sometimes I cringe at what was in fashion in the 90s.

The DJ moved us into the noughties with this one:

When I heard the first 4 seconds of Eve's "Who's That Girl", my shoulders and arms started doing this weird moving-to-the-rhythm-while-improvising-a-shimmy thing. It was a little disturbing.

And then when this song came on- it was almost over for my whole "maintain your composure in front of company" thing:

Pharrell and Snoop Dogg almost had me jump out my seat and run to the tennis court-cum-dancefloor to show my appreciation. Almost.

As the night went on, the DJ switched between HHP, Drake, Rick Ross, Big Sean, DJ Zinhle, DJ Dimplez, and... basically everyone we all wish we could personally invite to our parties.

It really is amazing what a good selection of music can do for the mood of a gathering. This is why, in my next life, I will be either a radio DJ or a music producer- two of the coolest jobs in the world.


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