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Spring Cleaning

Cleaning is not just about housework, it's also about changing a few things about one's daily life.

With the temperatures getting higher, hemlines moving further and further up past the knees, and the revival of the weekend traditions of braais and ice-cream happening all around, I decided it was time to finally do something about the way this blog looks.

This look is much cleaner, and now you can see who it actually is behind all this mad raving, (I'll change it to a new embarrassing as often as I can) and click on "Join" to build the community and show your loyalty- which I have been increasingly grateful after these two and a half years.

Comment on the new look, and on what you would like to see before next spring below! :)

Do You Know Kendrick?

*warning: songs in this post contain explicit language.
I heard this guy's name mentioned in passing almost a year ago, and after hours of going through Google search results, and downloading mixtape after mixtape from DatPiff, I can say "I'm a fan".

This Compton, California native has me hooked with his well-placed samples, enticing beats and gripping lyrics.
He's releasing his album good kid, m.A.A.d city soon. Swimming Pools (Drank) is a recently released single:

I had that on repeat for a while, but then I went back to the mixtapes and found this gem:

As Terrace says in the intro, this is a song about all those annoying hangers-on and passers-by who always want to call in "favours" and ride on the coat tails of others' success. It's also a song that makes very good use of a Stevie Wonder sample, over which Kendrick says:

"rolling like two miles per hour/ I was with Success- I don't know where y'all were..."
He throws out ano…


So just under two hours ago South Africa's edition of "The World's Biggest Selling Fashion Magazine" had the Twittersphere in an absolute frenzy when they announced that the one and only Solange Knowles had just arrived at the airport for a shoot for the November issue.

Solange Knowles. I never expected it, and at the same time I just know that Solange is the most exciting choice the team could have made at this moment.

While others might still know her as "the Other Knowles", a quick look at her achievements and quiet but steady rise to prominence among the Cool Kids in the past few years will soon have sceptics clambering to browse her blog and marvel at the many amazing photographs she's taken for various editorial features.

Those who have been faithful stans for ever and a day are already going crazy trying to call in (perhaps long-expired) favours from the people at ELLE, so they can get interviews and meet and greets with the ever-so-cool Solange…

Sundays Are For Soul Music

I love a good soul song. There's just something about this music that connects with me, even more so when the crooner in question is South African.

Kabomo's music is amazing. Lyrics, melodies, everything. This is Uzobuya, and the album All Things Grey is in stores now:

Spotted: Nolwazi Shange, who played Dezi in Otelo Burning, as the leading lady.

Someone please write a song like this for me? Thanks.

I have posted about The Soil before, but I just want to remind you all of how talented they are. This video of them performing Bomba made me smile:

I probably would've twisted myself down to the ground right along with them if I had been at this show- it looks like so much fun.
(If anyone wants to sponsor me with free tickets, my e-mail address is...)

And then there's Zonke. The song Zajik' Izinto was one of the first ones I heard and liked:

Her album Ina Ethe was nominated for this year's SAMAs, and the song Feelings is just incredible.

Sometimes I feel like I'…

Textually Active: Learn How To Use your Phones, People

So I opened YouTube about 3 weeks ago, and the title of this one caught my eye. Then I watched it, and I thought "story of my life!"

I absolutely hate when I send a message to someone, using one or more of the social networks we all have such easy access to (albeit hesitant at times), and they don't reply- but not because they didn't get it.
If I can see that you've updated your status or sent out a new tweet or whatever, but you haven't answered my question with as little as a "let me get back to you a little later", I feel like that's rude.

Stop misusing your communication tools, people. Answer your messages. The only valid excuses for not doing so, as far as I can see, are: low battery, when you're far away from your charger; no airtime; severe illness that has you bed-ridden and quarantined; and having your phone stolen. Very few things in-between qualify.

While I won't actually case your house and then jump you a few days later if I…

The Soundtrack to A Coming of Age

Some songs from the 21st birthday celebration I attended last night.

Cameo - Candy. Sampled by Mariah Carey on "Lover Boy".

I always hear old songs, and think "I know a different version...". I guess all 80s and 90s hits have been sampled by some or other next generation hip-hop/Rnb/pop artist who wanted to make some money off of people's nostalgia for the "good ol' days". There's no shame in that. Everyone has the right to good music.

Mtume - Juicy Fruit. I recognised this song, but again, not because I knew the original. I recognised the music from Keyshia Cole's song, "Let It Go":

This is starting to read a lot like a post on Who Sampled, but I can't help it. When I hear a song that I am sure has sampled a previous hit, I have to find out. Like with the Drake song. It's similar to what happens when people can't remember the word or name that was "on the tip of the tongue".

Moving on to MC Lyte:

Awkward Jingles about Weight Loss Pills

Tristen, Kiki and Ricky as Darius, Germy Patty and Jerry in this spin-off video of the latest webisode of Awkward Black Girl :

The leggings, the blouses, the fans and the oddly catchy tune (and that BoyzIIMen "dialogue before the bridge" thing Jerry does) all make this a pretty funny video. Especially the leggings. And the way Patty works sneezing and sniffing like it's her last runway walk on ANTM or something.

I love this series!

Amber Jones for Mr Price

Anyone who lives in South Africa and cares even just a little bit about how the look before they step out, will have noticed that local fashion retailer Mr Price has really stepped up its game in the last while.

Before, I used to go into the store because the clothes were decently priced and sometimes had pretty colours.
These days, I go into Mr Price because they have amazing clothes that are mirroring the latest runway trends at unbelievable prices.

Over the past year or so, Mr Price has been working with local designers on limited edition in-store ranges.
Mr Trickett and Fly Holmes are two of the brands that have collaborated with the chain store this year, but I first took notice of Amber Jones's line late last year.
Items were from her The Best Is Yet To Come Collection, which had shown at 2010's ELLE New Talent Designer Search:

I wish I had been brave enough to take those mustard court shoes with the bow  home with me. I still think about them sometimes...


This ye…

Alicia Is Back

This video popped up on the YouTube playlist, and I was actually excited to hear something new from Alicia.

I really like it! As I was listening to the music, and the lyrics- and her singing- I remembered why I loved her work so much in the first place.

The graffiti artist concept of the video is also really cool. There may be a few other musicians who have done it in the past, but that doesn't make it any less effective.
It goes with her theme of "growing together" and "personal revolution", which she speaks about in a video to her fans on her website.

I can't wait to hear her next album.

Where I'm At

I've been having a difficult time with the internet this week. The servers only communicate when they feel like it, and even then it's like we're a bunch of gummy, senile old people playing "Broken Telephone"...