How To Settle

The past week has been really interesting on the new music front.

No Doubt, the band that has been elusively described as "ska punk" for as long as I can remember, as well as the one with the coolest lead singer ever, have released a new single called Settle Down:

It is amazing. I didn't realise how much I missed Gwen Stefani's blond hair, red lips, and awesome stage persona until I watched this video. Also, her outfits are as crazy as ever. I love it all.

The song is incredibly catchy, and has some of that old school/reggae "Hey Baby" flavour to it. And I want a mosh pit in a truck at my 21st birthday party. I just don't see how else to show people a good time.

Kimbra, who collaborated with Gotye on Somebody That I Used To Know, has released a single of  her own, also titled Settle Down:

I heard it on the radio, and immediately wanted to know whose voice it was that was singing to my life this way.
The Stepford-baby vibes in the video are so intriguing: I felt like I couldn't blink for a second in case the dolls and the Stepfords teamed up and took over.
Any video that has children acting out a "grown-up" storyline is okay with me.

And then Kimbra's dance moves. Wow. Um. I can respect it: she knew what she was going for, and it looks like if she weren't emphasising the spasmodic movements which a doll presumably makes as it comes to life, she'd be a pretty decent dancer.
Invite me to your next party, Kimbra. I think we could swap notes on this.

For me, with these two songs it wasn't so much about the lyrics, as it was about the feel-good factor. Besides, I don't have time to go looking for profundity when I'm snapping my fingers, shaking my hips, clapping my hands and moshing along to some good music!


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