Marvin's Room

The song, from Drake's Take Care album, has made quite an impact on many artists in the industry. It seems like everyone from Teyana Taylor, to JoJo, and from Joelle James to Chris Brown, has felt the need to put their own spin on what can be described as "the drunk-dialling song".

The first time I heard the song, it was actually the remix by Teyana called Her Room. Imagine my surprise, then, when months later a friend of mine was listening to her Drake album and Marvin's Room came on. I think I said something along the lines of 'hey, it's Teyana's song...'.

I don't know what it is about this song that sparked this "remix mania". It was apparently recorded in a studio which was once owned by the legendary Marvin Gaye (hence the title), so perhaps everyone just wants to grab onto a bit of that magic?
Whatever it is, I think I like it. Here is the version by Teyana Taylor-

-and JoJo's version actually got a nod from Drake himself:

What really blew my mind, though, was the Wikipedia article I landed on after I clicked through to Kayla Bliss's version, Minnie's Room:

The comments under the video about the photo had me searching 'Minnie Riperton', and I was so shocked to learn that Ms Riperton was Maya Rudolph's mother! Maya Rudolph, from SNL and Grown Ups. So cool.

Also, the Wikipedia article had this picture of one of Minnie Riperton's album covers...

...and then I was like "oh my word!", because I have been wondering where Erykah Badu got the idea for the record cover in her video for Honey:

Ever since the first time I saw this video, I've been wondering about the original album. (Yes, I'm that girl who always asks 'that's great...but who did it first?)

The internet is an amazing thing. Really. All this from jumping between random remixes of a song?


  1. You are such a researcher sometimes, Masters' Degree hier kom jy :-p


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