Lunch On Top

My dad, my sister and I had lunch at Carlton Centre last Saturday.
There's this really cool top floor gallery type of thing on the 50th floor. There are telescopes that let you zoom in on parts of Johannesburg that you could never see from the ground. This 360 degree view of the City of Gold, as well as the mini-exhibit on the Satyagraha movement, are the things that make Top Of Africa a choice weekend getaway.

The restaurant, Cafe@50, has really good steak and chips...


It's also an event venue- I might have my 21st birthday party there, just so I can ring in the "new year" with the famous Johannesburg skyline as a backdrop.

Photos of Top of Africa, Johannesburg 
This photo of Top of Africa is courtesy of TripAdvisor

I tried to get a clear shot of the Nelson Mandela bridge, but a phone camera can only do so much...



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