Fashion Fancy

I've been following Jamie Chen's The Fancy Teacup fashion blog for a few months now, and I am never disappointed by this Taiwanese-American fashionista's outfit picks.

Each post showcases the different pieces she is wearing using beautiful photographs, which are accompanied by a little anecdote about how and why Jamie came to be dressed that way on a particular day.

As I've said before, I like pretty things. I die for her shoes, and the dresses she has are amazing.
These are pictures from a post titled Spot You A Mile Away:

I love the lace. And the bow. And the polka dots. It's just such a pretty dress.

This picture makes me want to become a nature person, just so that I can be the type of woman who owns such amazing stuff!
Also, it makes me wish I actually had places to go which required me to wear gorgeous court shoes and handbags like this.
I'm looking for a Social Life Overhaul. Know where I can get a good one?

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