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Refill Official Video

I love Elle Varner! But, of course, you alreadyknew that.
She released the official video for the song Refill, off of her Conversational Lush mixtape, this past Tuesday.

I really like how she interpreted the lyrics. It's more or less what I thought it would be like. Yes, I am one of those people who reads a book, or hears a song, then pictures how it would play out on screen, then gets a little disappointed if the chosen producers/screenwriters/choreographers/directors  didn't get it "just so".
(No, no- don't say that! I'm not an art snob. I don't even know what that means. I just have preferences- I'm the target audience after all.) Anyway.

I love her hair. That multicoloured striped jersey is beautiful. And that guy. One day, I will work in casting, and it will be my job to pick cute guys from audition groups to play The Love Interest. One day.

I'm looking forward to the release of her album.

Thatha, Elle!

fun. Times with Janelle Monae

fun.'s "We Are Young" has been on radio for a few weeks now, and I always feel like "tonight, we are young/ so let's set the world on fire/ we can burn brighter than the sun" is the coolest, most inspiring line ever when Nate Ruess sings it. The song features Janelle Monae, the genius behind "Tightrope" , and the acoustic version actually brought a tear to my eye:

Nate's voice reminds me of GROUPLOVE's Christian Zucconi on "Colours". Janelle just looks beautiful- red lipstick, bouffant and all. I also love that they're both just so passionate about what they're saying- it makes me want to, like, crowd surf. Or something equally symbolic of a music lover who believes the lyrics are written by people who understand her.

This Damn Blog!

While I may not be the biggest fan of the Other Knowles, I have noticed in the last year or so that she's been working pretty hard.
She's a DJ, a singer-and-sometimes-model, and most importantly a mother. Recently, Solange has been acknowledged for her fashion sense: she's inspired quite a few fashion shoots, and they can be seen on her website-
It's mostly a picture diary of her journeys, and her work. I saw a picture of her son Julez, and he is just so cute :) I also loved how she customised the least expected element of her blog- the previous/next buttons- with a 90s RnB feel, thanks to Aaliyah.

If fashion and travel photo diaries interest you, or if you just admire box braids and people who can fit a casual Andy Warhol reference into a music video, check out Ms Solange's blog.

"Slacktivists Unite!" (Or Something To That Effect)

Everyday we're living in a world where information is gathered and shared simultaneously through all sorts of media. Pieces of news are sent over the internet in the form of pictures or videos, people are constantly forming opinions about this news through e-mails or social networking tools, and the newly-completed (essentially "user-generated) articles make their way back to the masses- embellishments, omissions, reviews, and all- through any one of these channels.

So, in this age of technology where we are becoming increasingly better at manning the frontlines of the Information Army, with little more than our fingertips and the LCD-highway as our weapons, can it be said that we have forgotten the value of real work?

 "Real" in the sense of abandoning the armchair and the keyboard for actual physical interaction with the world, and the people who need help.
News reports in the wake of the incredible response to a video made last week to highlight the plight of Uga…

Fashion Fancy

I've been following Jamie Chen's The Fancy Teacup fashion blog for a few months now, and I am never disappointed by this Taiwanese-American fashionista's outfit picks.

Each post showcases the different pieces she is wearing using beautiful photographs, which are accompanied by a little anecdote about how and why Jamie came to be dressed that way on a particular day.

As I've said before, I like pretty things. I die for her shoes, and the dresses she has are amazing.
These are pictures from a post titled Spot You A Mile Away:

I love the lace. And the bow. And the polka dots. It's just such a pretty dress.

This picture makes me want to become a nature person, just so that I can be the type of woman who owns such amazing stuff!
Also, it makes me wish I actually had places to go which required me to wear gorgeous court shoes and handbags like this.
I'm looking for a Social Life Overhaul. Know where I can get a good one?

*All pictures from

Vices of A 90s Kid: Cheesy Romantic Movies

I watched Down To You last night. Purely for the nostalgia of the days before the "romcom" formula became so terribly hackneyed, and for the the days when I thought it just could not get any better than one Mr Freddie Prinze Jr.

I knew exactly how the story was going to play out, I remembered all my most favourite parts. I still admired the way Julia Stiles beats the stereotype and has so much fun dancing to some soulful music.
It was perfect in my mind, although I will admit that this clip makes me say "what was I thinking?"
(It's faster than it was in the movie, but that doesn't change how bad it is.)

The movie definitely has its haters. The online movie experts (read: bitter know-it-alls hiding behind the  LCD screen and the keyboard) have nothing good to say about it, but to me it still feels like this movie represents the way I (could, possibly, with a little effort to overcome my post-adolescent cynicism) think love should be. Also, it makes ea…

Inspiration: Women Making their Mark

I follow Mili Bongela's blog, Miss Milli World, and last week she posted that she would be on a new CNN documentary, The Millenials.
I watched the video clip this morning, and I felt a little more confident about having listed Mili Bongela as the person who inspires when I was completing a questionnaire a few days ago.

 Though it may not be clear from the interview she did here, what I love is that she has the confidence to own her opinions and ideas (and dreams), and that she is taking all the opportunities that come her way- in business, in fashion, and in journalism- and making the most of them. This up-and-comer has arrived.

When I dream of what I'll be When I Grow Up, I am her- but in another life. For a long time I was Khwezi Magwaza, and sometimes I am Janine Jellars... Inspiring women who have made it in media.
I also remember hearing about Khanyi Dhlomo from an early age: she was the editor of True Love- a magazine my mother was obsessed with for a little while when …

Rookie Presents: How To Bitchface

I recently discovered Rookie magazine, and I have enjoyed reading the irreverent pieces done by teenage girls for teenage girls about all the big Questions of Life.
How to look like a rockstar, what cool music to listen to, how to survive a crush (complete with movie references) are all covered in this monthly online magazine.
There is also a celebrity feature called "Ask a Grown Man/Woman", where the team asks someone famous to answer some of the trickier reader questions.

I have a feeling I might be a good 2 to 3 (okay, more like 5) years out of the target readers age, but I still enjoy browsing through the site.
This week, there's an article called How to Not Care what Other People Think of You. It's basically what's been preached to anybody who took a mainstream Life Orientation class in school: the whole "be yourself" spiel.
What got me about this article was the advice to give a "bitchface" to anyone who tries to judge your choices of se…

Lunch On Top

My dad, my sister and I had lunch at Carlton Centre last Saturday.
There's this really cool top floor gallery type of thing on the 50th floor. There are telescopes that let you zoom in on parts of Johannesburg that you could never see from the ground. This 360 degree view of the City of Gold, as well as the mini-exhibit on the Satyagraha movement, are the things that make Top Of Africa a choice weekend getaway.

The restaurant, Cafe@50, has really good steak and chips...

It's also an event venue- I might have my 21st birthday party there, just so I can ring in the "new year" with the famous Johannesburg skyline as a backdrop.

This photo of Top of Africa is courtesy of TripAdvisor

I tried to get a clear shot of the Nelson Mandela bridge, but a phone camera can only do so much...

Ms Hong sure Knows how to Put Coffee to A Canvas

I was checking for new posts (and clicking through some of the older ones) on the blogs I follow, and came across a link that lead me to this cool French online magazine type of thing.
There are lots of interesting photo galleries with pictures of some very interesting aspects of pop culture- art, fashion, and general lifestyle.
This is a picture of Red Hong next to her coffee art portrait (of sorts):

 Sand art is also really fascinating to me:

 Maybe if I'd put a little more effort into tracing my hand onto a blank page back in primary school, I'd be an artistic genius right now, too.

Still Life: Scott Garner

This is the type of art that interest the Technology Generation. I applaud Scott Garner for finding a way to make a still life project more than just a boring art class assignment by using advanced 3-D (and I think even 4-D) technology to make this "still life" move its audience.
Still Life from Scott Garner on Vimeo.

*more on the idea behind this project here.