"You Know, Like, When A Song..."

One of the first things I did when I got the wireless set up on my computer was download Elle Varner's mixtape, Conversational Lush. I've been excited about her music since I discovered OWGITY on one of the tumblr pages I was browsing way back in October, and if this is a taste of what a commercial album could be like, all her fans are in for a treat.

Anyway. What I like about Elle, and about most of my favourite artists, is that they have some songs which I feel were just written for me. That's what all music lovers say, I know, but it doesn't make it any less true.

With "Refill", I felt like I was watching the scene she was describing in my mind. I wonder what she would do with the song if she had the opportunity to shoot a video for it?

It's a sweet song, and I especially love the bassline.

"...I need a shot of you on the rocks, 'cause I'm down to my very last drop- so, can I get a refill?"

How's that for an original take on the sentiment?


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