Wits O-Week- The End of Me

I complained and complained about having to come back to school early. And complained even more when I found out that the Social Work department has us doing practicals from today already! I went to bed with the most excruciating pain in my right temple: my first serious tension headache for 2012. Wow.

While it's been rough trying to sort my school life out, even in the mere two days that I've been attending class, I have not forgotten that it is also O-Week. Otherwise known as the best week at school for any real Witsie. It's parties every night, with something for everyone's taste.
While the sports party on Monday night left me a little underwhelmed (bad DJ, and just generally not being in the mood) I've had my sights set on tonight's hip-hop party since I heard about it on Sunday. And then this afternoon my two most favourite hip-hop artists, Khuli Chana and AKA, confirmed that they'll be performing! For this, I will stay up past 11, despite having to be up at 05:45 for agency work. There's no way I'm missing this opportunity!

To celebrate, here's I Want It All:

I'm so freaking amped! :D


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