Late Pass Please

This week I finally sat up and paid attention to the work of one Donald Glover. Or Childish Gambino, as the radio stations (and even the cast of my favourite online sitcom, Awkward Black Girl) know him. Or even Troy, as regular viewers of Community know him.


This young man is very busy, and he is getting the acknowledgement he deserves.

Having written for 30 Rock, launched an exciting music career, and even drawn the attention of  legendary comic book artist Stan Lee with his Twitter campaign to audition to be the first African American Spider Man, young Mr Glover (no Danny) has had quite an impact on the entertainment scene in the past 6 years.

He even does stand-up comedy.

No set is complete without a "little person" joke, and an "N-word" reference, is it?

The electronic hip-hop song "Heartbeat" is already getting quite a bit of airplay on radio:

The problem with smart rappers is that their music videos always have to mean something. I'm still trying to figure this one out.

On ABG, the song L.E.S is featured. It's pretty good too. He's very frank in all his songs- the lyrics come off very "Dear Diary..." to me, but in a good way. I hope he keeps experimenting with music- I'd like to see where he'll go with it.

See his blog at I Am Donald.


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