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Donald Glover on Comedy Central

Apparently Comedy Central has been added to South Africa's DSTV bouquet. Well, as long as I have an internet connection, I can just YouTube my way through all the material that's tickling the ribs of the pop culture elite.

I was sitting and watching this video, occasionally sniggering to myself, generally doing a good job of avoiding that awkward "why did she just randomly laugh out loud like that?" situation people often find themselves in in libraries or, in my case, computer labs. And I was doing fine.
Until someone came in, saw me chewing my tonsils, and said "it's okay to laugh...". I thought "really?", but to save face (of course) I said "mmm, ja- I been laughing- I'm just, like, finished- he's that funny". Partially true.
He really is that funny! I would've been doing some serious ROTFLMAO if I weren't so obsessed with appearing normal.

He talks about children being evil quasi-humans for most of their developin…

It's Finished. I'm Sad.

Over the past week I have been totally engrossed in Lauren Beukes's science fiction novel, Zoo City.
I first read about Lauren in the December issue of Elle, and the reviews she got for this novel as well as for a previous work, Moxyland, piqued my interest.
I immediately made plans to add the book(s) to my "what to splurge on at Exclusive Books" list. Imagine, then, how excited I was to find the book while I was thumbing through the shelves over at the Education Library!

I'll admit that it was risky borrowing a novel from the library when I knew very well that I had the works of Gramsci and Freire to plow through, but for good South African literature, I will always take a chance.

I just finished the book about 10 minutes ago, but I'm on such a high that I had to blog about it immediately. Realistically though, I have to be up in the morning, so I'll just leave a teaser:

 How do you like my hand modelling? Review to follow!

nail polish- "Twisted Pink&q…

Late Pass Please

This week I finally sat up and paid attention to the work of one Donald Glover. Or Childish Gambino, as the radio stations (and even the cast of my favourite online sitcom, Awkward Black Girl) know him. Or even Troy, as regular viewers of Community know him.

This young man is very busy, and he is getting the acknowledgement he deserves.

Having written for 30 Rock, launched an exciting music career, and even drawn the attention of  legendary comic book artist Stan Lee with his Twitter campaign to audition to be the first African American Spider Man, young Mr Glover (no Danny) has had quite an impact on the entertainment scene in the past 6 years.

He even does stand-up comedy.

No set is complete without a "little person" joke, and an "N-word" reference, is it?

The electronic hip-hop song "Heartbeat" is already getting quite a bit of airplay on radio:

The problem with smart rappers is that their music videos always have to mean something. I'm still tryi…

Pretty Things. Inspiring Things. Things That Make Me Smile.

When I should be writing reports or getting into my course readings, I'm browsing through blogs and picking out all the Pretty Things...

(pictures from leluvette, It's Janine, & Modcloth)

The Morning After the Night Before: FOMO

Last night, I let myself get talked into changing out of my pyjamas- which I had put on in anticipation of calling it a day after streaming and enjoying a  selection of videos online, my usual weekend routine- and going to Baqt. Since first year, I've been hearing about this Baqt place- where people apparently go to get drunk on random Friday nights, but I was never particularly interested in going there to see for myself. This time, I let FOMO (and Pearl) get the better of me and I went.
After we signed the attendance register (since when does a booze-up require one of those?) we found that, though the DJ was probably doing some of  his best work (whoever he was) it was pretty empty. Off to West Campus it was, then. During O-Week we ran into some people from the fencing club (not like "stop-nonsense" fencing, but like "en garde!" fencing) who were eager to get patrons to their establishment (and not just to get drunkards to their little clubroom) and made sure to…

Cyanide and Happiness

The Twitter Spelling Nazis and the Facebook Grammar Police out there will appreciate this:

More dark humour over at

[Insert Evil Laugh a la bald guy from Austin Powers Here]

I thought this was pretty funny. Spotted over at

Legend. Diva. Ms Houston, to You.

Simply by scrolling down my Twitter timeline this morning, and not by making an effort to turn on a radio or a TV, I got what I consider to be the biggest news out of America in the past few weeks this morning: Whitney Houston, the legend, was found dead. Our thumbs are the new soldiers of the information army.

The first thing I thought was: "What? How?". Then, I must admit, I thought of the Eddie Murphy "death scare" that we heard about a while ago, and I hoped this wasn't the same thing. But no, it's true. (News article from

Apparently people are "blaming" Bobby Brown, like he killed her himself or something. But I suppose when someone you admired and respected so much dies unexpectedly, you look everywhere for explanations.
I don't care what killed her- her personal life was never really any of our business. Her talent was. Whitney's music entertained, inspired and uplifted many people- and for me it willl continue to do ju…

Last Look At The Holidays: Glossy, Glossy

When family members’ quirks, which make me homesick during the school year, started to become incredibly annoying; when my parents were driving me up the wall; when nothing was good on TV and when I’d eaten my way through half of the house, one of the things that kept me sane during the holidays was reading magazines.

Fashion, music, and the regular “find love this summer” article kept me believing in the Holiday Dream: lazy mornings at a choice lodge (hotel/ spa), white sandy beaches in the afternoon, hotspot-hopping at dusk, and late-night partying. And yes, that probably is one of the plots from a recent Hollywood box office hit. But what can I say? Tinsel is what dreams are made of! I was excited for the release of Rolling Stone South Africa on the 1st of December. Jazz legend ‘Bra’ Hugh Masekela was on the first cover, and editor-in-chief Miles Keylock did a good job of telling the story of Masekela’s life’s journey through music- his life in exile and navigating the age-old artist…

Kelly Reemtsen

I likepretty things. Pretty things with a meaning are even better, so I was excited to find beautiful paintings by Kelly Reemtsen over on Sabu's page earlier this week.

I went to Kelly's website, and found Falling For Him:

"You Know, Like, When A Song..."

One of the first things I did when I got the wireless set up on my computer was download Elle Varner's mixtape, Conversational Lush. I've been excited about her music since I discovered OWGITY on one of the tumblr pages I was browsing way back in October, and if this is a taste of what a commercial album could be like, all her fans are in for a treat.

Anyway. What I like about Elle, and about most of my favourite artists, is that they have some songs which I feel were just written for me. That's what all music lovers say, I know, but it doesn't make it any less true.

With "Refill", I felt like I was watching the scene she was describing in my mind. I wonder what she would do with the song if she had the opportunity to shoot a video for it?

It's a sweet song, and I especially love the bassline.

"...I need a shot of you on the rocks, 'cause I'm down to my very last drop- so, can I get a refill?"
How's that for an original take on the se…

RAG/Parity Hip-Hop Party

At 18:30 when the girls and I left res to beat the ticket rush, I was excited. I think it's safe to say I have not been that keen for a party in a long while.
But this wasn't going to be just any party. This was going to be the party which would make all my dreams come true: Khuli Chana, AKA, and BlackCoffee would all be on the same stage, on the same night, for a pretty reasonable price! Thank you Wits SRC for the amazing work you did with this one.

When we first arrived, things were slow- as they are at any party. We bobbed around to some songs from the first DJ (was it Capital? I can't remember) and watched as the tennis courts at Jubilee Hall started to fill up. We were approached by a girl from the Loocha promotions team for a photo- the second time in 3 nights that I had posed for a random photo. If it turns out that I look ridiculous in any one of them, I will deny, deny, deny. As I remarked on Twitter seconds after the flash, it is so bad to realise that you are a …

Wits O-Week- The End of Me

I complained and complained about having to come back to school early. And complained even more when I found out that the Social Work department has us doing practicals from today already! I went to bed with the most excruciating pain in my right temple: my first serious tension headache for 2012. Wow.

While it's been rough trying to sort my school life out, even in the mere two days that I've been attending class, I have not forgotten that it is also O-Week. Otherwise known as the best week at school for any real Witsie. It's parties every night, with something for everyone's taste.
While the sports party on Monday night left me a little underwhelmed (bad DJ, and just generally not being in the mood) I've had my sights set on tonight's hip-hop party since I heard about it on Sunday. And then this afternoon my two most favourite hip-hop artists, Khuli Chana and AKA, confirmed that they'll be performing! For this, I will stay up past 11, despite having to …

Piano Rock + Salsa Rhythms = AMAZING

Regular readers already know that I am obsessed with YouTube. I'll go on to watch "just one song", and then 5 hours later I will have laughed, sang and danced my way through the most random comedy skits, What The Buck episodes and old, cheesy I-swear-I-didn't-know-any-better favourites.

Well, this time I found something which I think is pretty damn cool. It's Sergio Mendes meets Chris Martin for a sultry Thursday night at a club in Cuba type of stuff. I heard it on Radio2000 (of all places, right?) this morning.
See if you like it:

Coldplay collaborated with the Buena Vista Social Club on this one, and they also did a song with Maroon 5 and Sting. If you're impressed by true musicianship and unusual fusions of sound, this might be for you.