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Saffa Tjoons 2011

South African music in 2011 has been absolutely amazing. If it wasn’t the DJs- Euphonik, Kent, and Monotone, to mention a few- it was the hip-hop artists telling us to stand up for a Victory Lap, or to Jiva Sfabulous. After that, we had Lira and Zonke making names for themselves abroad, making way for MiCasa, The Soil and the omnipresent Zahara to emerge on the local scene. I was particularly impressed by the hip-hop offerings this year, though. For the first time in a long while, I bought a South African artist’s album. And I did not regret it.

AKA’s Altar Ego lives up to all the hype that followed him after the release of the three lead singles, Victory Lap, All I Know and I Want It All. After listening to the album, I must say I really like Mistakes, Bang, and Ladies Is Pimps Too. It’s quality all the way through, and Loyiso Gola’s interlude skits are funny, in a…slightly confusing way. I love how sincere his Thank Yous are on the sleeve, and I maintain that the day I finally get to…

Cabin Fever Sets In

After being at home for a few weeks, especially when it gets around to Christmas and New Year’s, my  will to do much else but eat, watch TV and stalk people’s Facebook profiles is pretty low. I came across this old Cyanide and Happiness cartoon while I was reorganising the files on my computer (that was a particularly “productive” day). If only I was finding it that easy to get motivated. I have, however, recently managed to temporarily drag myself out of the rut, and the following 2 posts go towards apologising for my absence from the blog. Enjoy (and comment!).

Quick Update

I’ve been home for 2 weeks now, and in that time I have:

Watched a whole lot of bad TVTried to get back into reading newspapersMade, scratched, and re-worked fantasy holidays in my mindBought a hula hoop (I haven’t actually used it just yet)Marvelled at the amazing first issue of Rolling Stone South Africa- I now have more of an idea of what exactly everyone has been going on about. I also realise that I still have a long way to go if anything is to come of my dream to one day be the chief features writer at a major publicationSet myself squarely on the path to Tweet-a-holismThat lead me to almost throwing my phone against a wall about 10 times a day- I’m now waiting faithfully for that Nokia N9 I want so badly to just fall into my lap.Lamented my hopeless internet situation: this Vodacom data card thing is just not working for me. I want high-speed, super-affordable bandwidth, and I want it now!Spent an inordinate amount of time on my nails. I’ve recently bought a bottle of green poli…