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Woza Ngokushesha Bo, December!

After that dismal Psychology exam, and the hassle of losing my student card to that hungry vortex which Murphy so fatefully miscalculated, what I need is something to remind me that it's just one bad day, and I will surely get over it.

While most people (read: most university students) would automatically turn to alcohol, hoping to find a rainbow at the bottom of some cheap brown bottle from the dive down the road, I have music, blogs and magazines.
Thank goodness for Elle and Seventeen- I'm getting my copies tomorrow. And if I can thumb through those with all this AMAZING South African music banging in my ears, I will definitely emerge stronger!

Here is a list of the latest videos from some of my favourite SA artists since- Well, I guess South African musicians have just been making such incredible progress in these last three years or so that I've forgotten who I used to listen to before!

There was JR, Morafe and Khuli Chana for 2009/10. Here they are all together again…


I'm not really into the smell of flowers- as far as I'm concerned they smell like the soil they grow in, and perfume manufacturers just say they use "extracts" or "notes" of a certain type of flower, when really what they do is make sweet smells from some top secret chemicals in a laboratory de parfum.

Conspiracy theories aside, though, I do think some flowers are beautiful. For the past year or so, I've had this obsessio with yellow roses, and I've been nagging my sister to get me a bunch. They were waiting for me in my room on Sunday. :)

The 4th Anniversary of My 16th Birthday

This past Sunday was my 20th birthday. 20 years. It's a long time, made even longer by friends' quips of "centuries ago today, you were born". I mean, I don't feel particularly old. Except maybe when I go up a steep flight of stairs too fast and am out of breath by the time I get to the landing.

I guess I just feel like this whole "growing up" thing is more sensationalised than it should be. Sure, getting to an age that entitles you to adult behaviour- driving, signing your own contracts, drinking, living on your own- is definitely a big deal. But does growing up mean forgetting all the things that you've discovered make it worth living?

No one can convince me that I'm not entitled to wear ridiculously high heels, fall victim to a few fashion trends, listen to really loud music, occasionally eat some unbelievably unhealthy food, attend some extremely dodgy parties, take risks with my life when I decide to go "out on the town", live out…

Cram-tastic Jams

I've been writing exams for the past 2 weeks or so, and that means I've been cross-nighting and using all my leftover energy on cramming. I'm done for.

Here are the songs which have been keeping me semi-sane:

It puts a smile on my face. Can you not just see yourself on a beach front somewhere as the beat comes in at around 0:48? I can.

Continuing with the house theme (some really good stuff has come out in the past few months) we have Monotone and Ruby Gold...

I wish I understood Portuguese! I mean, the rule of thumb with house music is that whatever is being said in English is what is being said in the particular vernacular, but with this song it just sounds so much cooler than that. Someone teach me please?

I've been really into South African music this past week. This song by Sean Pages and TeePee gets me saying "woza December!"

This random girl, though! I think it would've been better if the guys had just nixed the video girl on this one.

And last, bu…

Freedom On The Horizon

But first, I have to tie up a few loose ends.  First, exams. I wrote my third one today, so I only have one more to go- yay! My brain is so fried. I mean, I really feel like it's done for, and I only have a mass of fizzled out nerve endings sloshing around in my head. I'll push through for the last time next Thursday- Psychology had better be good to me, I deserve it.
Next, and in the midst of all this end of year rush, is- insert drumroll here- my 20th birthday! I'm so excited. Look out for my first ever outfit post after this coming weekend: I found these pink jeans at Mr Price that I have to show you.
There's also the unresolved matter of the The Beautiful and Damned book review. I realise it's taken me just as long to post the review as it did for me finish reading the book in the first place. Book review fail. Maybe next time I'll just get one of you to review a book for me in a succinct but well-phrased and grammatically impeccable paragraph (or two)? I'…