Wits Just Does NOT Let Up!

Okay. I already knew that.
But, even after almost two years here, I am never quite prepared for the many ways in which this school lashes out at me. That's not a figure of speech: today, I could actually feel the hoofs of the Wits Goat pounding at me wildly from every direction possible as I listened to lecturer after lecturer go on and on about tutorial assignments, tests, essays and everything else that's due (this week), and I could hear the bleating get louder and louder as I watched the course packs pile up higher and higher. And on top of that, the sun was so hot today that I got back to my room and just passed out completely. Basically it was a tough day. Known generally as Monday. I hear things get better from Wednesday onwards (Tuesday is just there- it has no real significance).
Oh well. Higher Education wouldn't be so sought after if it were easy, would it?

I had fun looking out for all the Trend Babies on campus today: people are taking to the turban trend, which was once Erykah Badu's signature, and is now coming back to sit pretty once again on the heads of models celebrities and impressionable university students all over...

This is a 1976 issue. Guess what goes around really does come back around!
Courtesy of Mama's Rolling Stone

I found some pictures of guys wearing turbans too, but here at Wits they are mostly still stuck on skinny jeans and loud sneakers. I blame the New Boyz. And Markhams, for those irritating multi-coloured V-neck T-shirts they always seem to have in stock.

Aside from people's questionable taste in clothing, and the workload (if I had R5 for every time I wrote that on here, hey?), campus is a pretty place to be in Spring time. I'll try to get pictures for the next post.

For now, it's back up to my room. Probably to sleep...but really I should be getting started on my reading. I'll see how I feel when I get up there...



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