Death by IBhubesi Elimhlophe

When I walked into a friend's room and saw this CD lying on her desk, I laughed. Loud and long. On the cover was the most ridiculous picture I'd seen in a while: a goonish-looking white man in an ibeshu posing under some dodge tree with a guitar!

It looks like a mugshot. And his boep is sticking out.
I couldn't just leave the CD there- I had to go and listen to it. As soon as he started singing the few words of the title song, Cell Phone, I just died of laughter! Here was this man, singing in the traditional Zulu maskandi style, about how his wife is always receiving suspicious calls, which she takes outside, leaving him feeling like a fool. Well, if he's...unconventional in every other way, at least he stays true to the original content of most maskandi music. eThekwini Online is quoted as describing maskandi music as "the music played by the man on the move, the modern minstrel, today’s troubadour..." which tells stories of his daily journeys, the people he meets and how he is affected by them. This is definitely true of ou Shaun Terblanche here, who my friend tells me practically cornered her sister, saying something along the lines of "do unto others as you would have done unto you" (which, coincidentally, is a title of one of his songs) and got her to pay R50 for the Dara Production Studios creation.

This rainbow nation thing. Isn't this taking it too far?

I'll try to get a recording of the song on here soon, because I just cannot keep that kind of joy to myself. ;)


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