A Change of Seasons, Fashion Slavery, and A Call for A Return to Dignity

Time to go to the back of the wardrobe and dig out the sunhats, the twirly skirts, the flirty tops and the espadrilles, ladies: Spring is finally here!

But remember, when you're shedding off the winter layers, that "letting it all hang out" is not always a good thing. Dignity never goes out of style. Think of that before you try to copy the "cute style" that that near-emaciated model in the magazines is selling to you. The words "fashion" and "slave" don't necessarily have to appear together in a sentence.

How to Solve the "To Shave, or Not To Shave?" Dilemma

I found this while reading Chasing Butterflies on one of my "I wish winter would end already!" days. I thought it was pretty funny.

This flowchart shows just one of the things which make Spring one of the more stressful seasons: in winter, you could get away with wearing half of your wardrobe all at once on one day, and the other half on the next, and no one would ask any questions. There was a sort of unspoken "hobo chic" trend. Now, everyone seems to be looking at you: it's 'oh, did you see those shoes?', and 'omg, what was she thinking?' all around campus.

The best way to go about dressing (and, in the case of the flowchart, grooming) in any season, as I am fast learning, is just to consider comfort first- wear what feels good. That is to say: dress in a way that guarantees that you will not be talked about for all the wrong reasons.
You have a mirror, use it. Also: that little voice in your head? It's not there because you're crazy, it's there to show you the right way to go. If, however, your voice is telling you that you absolutely must emulate the latest Elle editorial if you want to impress people at this weekend's braai, and you know that there's no way you'll be able to squeeze into one of those painful-looking "bandage dresses" or whatever (I mean, the name of the garment itself should already indicate great danger and possible lifelong mortification to most people)- then you, my dear have issues that are completely beyond anything I can tell you here.

The grey skies are gone, and the wind is no longer as vindictively cold as it used to be- all these are signs that you should go out and have fun!
Because the globe has this irritating habit of spinning on its axis, and before you've realised that "cheeky shorts" are not as desirable and cute as the name might suggest, but that they do in fact serve to remind you each morning of how you'd reminded yourself the previous morning that you would "go to gym today", it'll have spun back to its Winter co-ordinates, and vowed to stand there firmly for at least 3 months, during which you'll have plenty of time to think about what you'll do "when it's summer again". Then the cycle will begin all over again.

Basically what I'm saying is: don't buy into all these Special K and Virgin Active ads that promise you your "best beach bod". No. You already have the best body possible. So stop wasting all these sunny days thinking things like "...if I only eat this, then I could probably fit into-", because that really will not get you anywhere. All it'll make you is another depressed, dissatisfied customer with an overdrawn credit card (because you know all these "have to have" items are hell-a expensive) and a stubbornly gloomy outlook on life.
Yes, all this might seem a little melodramatic for someone my age, but it happens.

 I'd like to introduce to you the concept of a Spring Day Resolution: a promise to yourself for the season. Mine is: 'I will have fun with fashion this season, because I know that Comfort and Dignity are always the true indications of style.'

Positive vibes out into the world, equals positive vibes back to you.

And on that note: Happy Spring Day, everyone!


  1. Haha, I'm so guilty of thinking "I'll go to the gym today!" And then I procrastinate. It's awful!

    it's getting cold here, too...definitely some signs of full approaching.

    I love that "Should you shave your legs" questionnaire. So funny!

  2. Hey Amber! So glad you liked the post :)
    Thanks for commenting- hope to see you around in future posts!

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  4. Hi Clara :D
    Thanks so much for checking out my blog!
    I'm signing into yours right now

    Please keep coming back to check out this page :)

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  6. Thank you so much for reading my post, Caterina! :D
    Glad you liked it. And I'll definitely be checking out the giveaway- freebies for spring!


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