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Death by IBhubesi Elimhlophe

When I walked into a friend's room and saw this CD lying on her desk, I laughed. Loud and long. On the cover was the most ridiculous picture I'd seen in a while: a goonish-looking white man in an ibeshu posing under some dodge tree with a guitar!

I couldn't just leave the CD there- I had to go and listen to it. As soon as he started singing the few words of the title song, Cell Phone, I just died of laughter! Here was this man, singing in the traditional Zulu maskandi style, about how his wife is always receiving suspicious calls, which she takes outside, leaving him feeling like a fool. Well, if he's...unconventional in every other way, at least he stays true to the original content of most maskandi music. eThekwini Online is quoted as describing maskandi music as "the music played by the man on the move, the modern minstrel, today’s troubadour..." which tells stories of his daily journeys, the people he meets and how he is affected by them. This is definitel…

Wits Just Does NOT Let Up!

Okay. I already knew that.
But, even after almost two years here, I am never quite prepared for the many ways in which this school lashes out at me. That's not a figure of speech: today, I could actually feel the hoofs of the Wits Goat pounding at me wildly from every direction possible as I listened to lecturer after lecturer go on and on about tutorial assignments, tests, essays and everything else that's due (this week), and I could hear the bleating get louder and louder as I watched the course packs pile up higher and higher. And on top of that, the sun was so hot today that I got back to my room and just passed out completely. Basically it was a tough day. Known generally as Monday. I hear things get better from Wednesday onwards (Tuesday is just there- it has no real significance).
Oh well. Higher Education wouldn't be so sought after if it were easy, would it?

I had fun looking out for all the Trend Babies on campus today: people are taking to the turban trend, whi…

I'm Back- and I Come Bearing Gifts!

So. I'm back from the break, and I must say that it's amazing how days can drag on forever, but still seem like they are flying by at lightning speed. I got to my room after I said "bye" to my sisters, and I just felt like running after them. *sigh* It's back to the grind for the last few weeks. I really hope I can make it through without completely crumbling under exam stress- eek.
When I'm not studying, though, I'll be taking every opportunity to blog- it keeps me sane ;). I've got the first part of the The Beautiful And Damned book review here. I also read Zakes Mda's Black Diamond.

X  -  X  -  X 3 Months. It’s taken me just about 3 months to finish reading The Beautiful and Damned. When I saw the reference on Gossip Girl, and decided that it shouldn’t be too much of a difficult read because it was Fitzgerald, and we’d studied him in high school, there were a few very important factors that I didn’t take into consideration: I don’t have nearly…

A Change of Seasons, Fashion Slavery, and A Call for A Return to Dignity

Time to go to the back of the wardrobe and dig out the sunhats, the twirly skirts, the flirty tops and the espadrilles, ladies: Spring is finally here!

But remember, when you're shedding off the winter layers, that "letting it all hang out" is not always a good thing. Dignity never goes out of style. Think of that before you try to copy the "cute style" that that near-emaciated model in the magazines is selling to you. The words "fashion" and "slave" don't necessarily have to appear together in a sentence.

How to Solve the "To Shave, or Not To Shave?" Dilemma

This flowchart shows just one of the things which make Spring one of the more stressful seasons: in winter, you could get away with wearing half of your wardrobe all at once on one day, and the other half on the next, and no one would ask any questions. There was a sort of unspoken "hobo chic" trend. Now, everyone seems to be looking at you: it's 'oh,…