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I have been deplorably absent from this webpage in the past few weeks, and that is due to a strange mix of fatigue, apathy, sickness and Writer's Block.

To make up for it, I have a summary of everything I have seen and heard while I was on "hiatus", in order of recency.
On the 23rd of August, I attended the Phenomenal Women's Photography Series presentation, hosted by the Dean of Humanities Tawana Kupe.
It was an extension on the theme of celebrating women all through August, and not just on the 9th, according to the Dean.

Young women from each of the Faculties of Wits University were given cameras and mentorship on their journeys- they explored and captured the movements (and meanings) of women's lives on the various campuses.
These were pictures of students in classes, on the lawns or at the Matrix; and future presentations will show the female staff of the university as they move and work in their unique spaces.

I was particularly moved by Athi Nkopo’s present…