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Mini-Skirts and Bolamakiesies Never Looked So Good

I am pretty sure no one is as big a fan of the first Bring It On as I am. No one. I mean, when that movie was first released, it was all anyone in my Grade 5 register class could talk about. I knew the entire script off by heart by the third time I watched it, and (I should be embarrassed to say this, I know) I even taught myself some of the Clovers' winning moves. I had myself convinced that I would be just as cool as they all were when I got to high school.

Nine years, five lousy remakes and a tireless search for the original VHS copy of the movie in so many dodgy video stores later (is it me, or did They purposely hide the only real cheerleading movie ever made, to make space for these other low-budget-and-even-less-talent wannabes?)- we have Hellcats.
This show has made me believe again. If not in the skimpy outfits and impossible gymnastics, then in the "spirit" which these football groupies so firmly believe rids the world of all evil. That, and a little bit of fa…

B.Y.E: Revisited

"...Becoming Something requires unwavering commitment to the cause, and this is the year that I will do everything on my B.Y.E (Best Year Ever) list. I mean, I have to- otherwise the whole university experience will have been wasted on me, because I will have learnt nothing and grown very little..."

That was before I started the first semester.

Now, it's a week into the second semester, and I feel like I was just being so, so, so naive about the whole university thing back then: it has not been easy.

Leave aside the workload (because- let's face it- complaining about the reams and reams of reading, and the lectures, and the ridiculous assignments we all have to do doesn't help), and still you'll find that the average university student (and the latest results revealed just how "average" I was) has quite a lot to deal with.

Ineffectual lecturers. Idiotic classmates. Bad friends. The pursuit of a BA Mansoek (which I am just about ready to give up). Dining…


I've had this in my mind since this morning at church:

...and I was thinking: "waiting to be stirred..."

Do with it what you will.

Goodbye, Ms Winfrey

All good things come to an end.

Whoever first said that was probably having a hard time letting go of something which had brought much happiness to her for a while.

Well, at least that’s how I’m using it.

Last week, The Oprah Winfrey Show had its final episode. When I heard that Oprah was retiring, I thought “can she do that?”, because I couldn’t imagine what talk TV would be without her.

I was also not at all impressed that the show was ending before I had even done something amazing enough to actually be on that set in Chicago with her. What will I work towards now?

I still can’t believe it’s been 25 years of shows. In excess of 4000 episodes full of fun and laughter, but also serious life advice: things which viewers took from listening to the stories of Oprah’s guests.

Some things were just too incredible, and I admit there was a long period in which I didn’t watch Oprah at all, but I was never not interested in what she was up to.

And when people started accusing her show of bein…

Highways To Freedom...?

In December last year, my dad finally got me to stop procrastinating and do what most kids do the minute they turn 17: get my Learner’s Licence.
I hated having to study during the holidays, but I used the week I had before my test to get to know all the rules and signs that could possibly be asked about them.

I went in for the test the next Thursday, and coloured in my multiple choice blocks, then waited for the results.

The wannabe dragon-lady first played tricks with our minds- using clever double-talk to confuse us about our results- but when she did eventually give out the results, I was glad that I had passed.

I use ‘glad’ and not ‘ecstatic!’ because I had a sense of foreboding come over me that day which I would’ve taken as an omen for the future if I were more sensitive to such things.

If I had been more sensitive to such things, I probably would’ve been more prepared for the most embarrassing, tiresome, nerve-wracking week of my life: the beginning of my driving lessons.

In th…

"Reality" TV

I found this picture on a blog I like- it's by Portia Makoma, and she finds the coolest of random things...

This is for all those people who so avidly watch these reality TV "stars" drinking, wearing sunglasses indoors (and sometimes even at night), trying to make bad hairstyles a trend, fighting with their useless boyfriends and girlfriends, spending ridiculous amounts of money shopping for equally laughable "I have to have this!" items, and just generally wasting valuable life hours on silly stuff. Think about this picture next time you waste an hour of your own life on these shows.

I don't mean that we should all watch CNN all day, or anything. I mean, I can't judge anyone who watches The Hills , or anything else like that, because I myself watch Running In Heels and Jerseylicious (something about how unbelievably stupid those grown women are just keeps me tuning in week after week- I can't seem to help it), but what I can say is this: don't…