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Exam Time...

...When I read absolutely everything else but my coursework.

A friend of mine echoed this sentiment when I told her that I thought I'd stumbled upon the most amazing read of the year a few weeks ago.
I think her exact words were "I love how EVERYTHING is always Amazing when there are exams to study for..."

While I'm not denying that I suffer from a really short attention span and acute lethargy during the June-July (and, let's face it, the October-November) periods of the year, I would like to defend myself and say that the Dorothy Koomson novel which I stumbled upon (read: snatched from the shelf) in another friend's room was well worth sacrificing a few hours of studying time.

At first, it was the cover that caught my eye- because it went along so well with the title: The Ice Cream Girls.

 Don't the frothy pink and sunshine yellow dresses just make you want to know what wonderful things are written inside?

If they don't, and you're feeling a litt…