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Things That Make Life Worth Living

The long break between posts is not because my life is just that boring. It's because it's just that busy: second year has just gotten so real in the last month or so. These are the things no one puts in the brochures at Information Day.


When I wasn't struggling with the ant-sized font of my course readings, cramming for a test, running around to agencies for my Block Placement (something else they didn't put in the B Social Work information packet), or working myself into an 11th-hour frenzy over some assignment, I was trying to make time for the things which make my soul smile.What's left of it, anyway- Wits students don't really have those...
Here follows a list of some of the things that I think make life worth living, even if you're at your wits' end and can't see how you could possibly go on.

1. Journalling

For those times when I just need to get out of my own head and see things clearly, or when I just need to get frustration out of m…