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Crazy? Or Just Really, Really Brave…?

“adventurous”, “spontaneous” and “wild” are not words that I would readily use to describe myself, but this year looks like the one that’s going to turn me into the “why the hell not?” girl I always secretly wished I could be.

The place: the Lister Building, Jeppe street, downtown Johannesburg. The time: around 18:30 on a Friday night. The event: shooting the Sho’t Left SA Tourism ad with awesomely amazing girl-group The Arrows, on the roof of this 19-storey high building.

It sounds like a lot of fun, right? Well, I suppose it would be to anyone who didn’t have a fear of heights, and who was always up for a party anyway.
I am neither of these things, yet last night was probably one of the most memorable outings of my life.

Granted: navigating the streets of downtown Johannesburg, what with the pedestrians and their devil-may-care attitude and the maniacal taxi drivers, could not have been easy for our ‘accidental chauffeur’ (thanks, Mitch), it was so cold and windy on the roof (the wi…