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It's 02:00, and I'm Thinking...

I realised with a jolt the other day that the semester is only about 4 weeks in, but I feel like I’ve been working hard for so much longer than that.

The jolt may have just been that feeling I get when my brain suddenly switches on and tells me to get on out of bed: lately I’ve been having to fight against myself before I can get up and go to class at all.
Waking up for an 08:00 class is not fun, and the rainy weather Joburg’s been having lately hasn’t made it any easier either, so I’ve already decided that in winter I’m simply not going to attend those lectures.

The lectures themselves are really not bad- if a man who talks for almost 2 hours straight in a thick ‘is-he-German-or-is-he-French?’ accent is what you consider “not bad”.
And to make things worse, his unintelligible rambling is about the equally mystifying writings of our dear Papa Kapitalismo, Karl Marx. Wonderful.

At least in Psychology my friends and I can soon take the opportunity to start a little class pool, and call…