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Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder...

...but a day spent struggling through insane amounts of red tape will do well to disabuse you of that notion.

When I thought 'it feels like I never left' when I stepped into Sunnyside Residence yesterday afternoon, I should've taken it as a sign that something was not right.

The minute my Accommodation Officer told me I'd have to pay R98 for the "extra night", I realised that registration was not going to be a pleasant experience. I mean, how can I be confident that the staff are qualified to help me, if the people in charge of writing and sending the registration e-mails can't be trusted to provide accurate information? The letter said one thing, but it was up to me to not give the university the benefit of the doubt, and phone to check that they know how to read a calendar? To me, "from the 14th to the 16th" doesn't mean that I should only arrive on the 16th. Then when I went into the office with that information- the information whichthe

"The 'Post-holiday' Report"

Three whole months of holidays.
This is an idea which any university student goes absolutely crazy about towards the end of the year. After 9-plus months of endless assignments, early mornings, and often unsuccessful grading negotiations with ruthless faculty heads- a break from all the daily demands of The System is more than welcome.

That’s exactly how I felt at the beginning of the final exams last year, and each day I pulled myself through all the mind-numbing studying with the quiet mantra of: ‘…just a few more weeks, and it’ll all be over. I’ll be free!’, which I used to keep myself motivated as I waded through the ridiculous amounts of learning work I had to do in the small hours of the morning.

I can only keep myself motivated up to a certain point though, so I didn’t find it surprising when my last 2 or 3 exams placed really (really) low on my list of priorities, and I ended up finding other ways to while away the long, daunting hours. I found myself spending copious amoun…