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'Living It Up'?

Last time, I was writing about how I looked forward to embracing student culture on campus and living the "perfect varsity experience" dream.
What I didn't expect was exactly how far out of my comfort zone this "perfect varsity experience" would take me, and how much I would love (and hate) every minute of it.

It all started one Monday night during supper. There I was- concentrating on my food, trying hard not to choke on the bone stew which they are so fond of serving- generally minding my own business, when one of my friends made a statement: "we're going to the party on Friday".
I was caught off-guard: we go to parties now? But before I could object, another friend piped up with "yes, guys- let's go. We need to live our lives!"
And so it was settled.

On Friday, I was actually pretty excited to go to this party, and the fact that I was going to get in for free and thus wouldn't have to spend much of my non-existent student budget di…