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It's Gone...

I woke up this morning feeling completely disoriented: I looked around my room at res and couldn't figure out where I was. Then I turned on the hot water tap and my fingers nearly froze and I thought: "Aah, home sweet home...".

The inevitable has happened: the World Cup is over, and life must return to normal. Radio stations are going to have to find other songs for their playlists- songs which don't contain the phrases "wave your flag" or "this time for Africa", or even "2010"- because that's all we've been hearing for the past month or so and as patriotic as I try to be, there were times when I wished I could just sream at how cliched the whole thing had become.

And the TV stations are probably going to squeeze some more money out of all the advertising campaigns that have been on a loop during the World Cup. Who knew poverty and ill-education were such lucrative prospects? I mean, don't get me wrong: I understand how importa…

Home From The City

Tzaneen, Limpopo. More specifically, Mbhekwana Village.
Away from the "hustle and bustle" of city life. Where my family is. Home.

It's taken me some years to see it this way, but now that I do it's helped me to gain perspective on life.
Just because I grew up in the city doesn't mean that I can't appreciate "country life". Sure, up until late last year, I had to get used to less luxuries: no DStv, weak Internet signal, sweltering heat... all things that made me appreciate what I had here in the "city" a lot more.

Now we have DStv, running water and Airconditioning. The signal is still weak, but people at Mbhekwana aren't really concerned with technology. They'd much rather pull up a chair under the tree and chat with neighbours and passers-by.

It's a completely different life, and it's a life which- although I'm not ready to immerse myself completely in it- I'm willing to accept.

It could be good for me to remember that b…