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...and the story goes that I actually started a blog. As Marc said to Betty: "Welcome to 2006!"- or something along those lines- lol!

I'm not quite sure what the people who use these things post, but here's an essay or two that I wrote.

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In The Midst of Peace and the Moon

Adam walks up to the counter and takes a seat as a warm ray of sunlight catches the dazzling green of his eyes.
He’s perfect. And he’s here to see me.

When I first started my waitressing job at the beachfront diner, I wasn’t expecting anything exciting to happen. Then Adam came along and changed all of that.

He was a first time visitor to Knysna, and I thought he made a really cute tourist so I said he could come and hang out with me whenever he liked. And that’s how it all began.

We could talk for hours about anything and everything. He made me laugh. My holiday was definitely turning out to be much better than I’d imagined.